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Viking Village walkthrough demo: CLICK TO PLAY

Viking Village is a HD 3D environment created in Unity 5. This demo compiled to 242 MB, and even at lowered quality settings still needs a powerful computer to render smoothly. Something like this can't be a playable game ... too many details and effects.

You can download this demo for Unity5 from the asset store here: Viking Village

Angry Bots tutorial 4.x:

Went through some free Unity demos I had on my hard drive and worked on Angry Bots from 2013. I updated the API to Unity5, and made a first person shooter so I could walk through the game.

The tutorial can be found here Tutorial

Anyone who plays this can now see the excellent modelling and animation that was dome for this game. Programmers can also learn from the nice Visual FX.

Click link below to download it.
FPS demo zip file

Space Shooter Unity Tutorial:

I found this tutorial helpful, but I like to program in Javascript. the tutorial can be found here : https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/space-shooter

Because this was made for older Unity 4.x , AND there were some js scripts missing on the website, I converted the missing .c# files into .js ! ... Then I modified this for my Space Ace demo game.

Click link below to download it.
Updated with Javascript Zip file

c# Maze Generator:
by MichShire Feb 2015.

I like javascript and Unity script, but had to delve a bit into c# to fix this MazeGenerator script.

In order to use it with js in a game, I will be making a String. MazeString will have 'X' where a block is, and 'O' where a space is. Then I can bring the String into a js script, and modify the arrays to place doors, stairs, traps, etc. BEFORE rendering it into blocks.

I have now posted the completed game on my website.

This is FREEWARE script. Click link below to download it.
Fixed c# Maze Generator Zip file

Waypoints with Slerping:
by MichShire Feb 2015.

I wanted to use a simple Waypoints script, that could use Vectors [Straight lines] and also with a bit of Slerping [Curves].

I originally made this for overhead birds to fly around, and they made large gentle turns as they flew around.

Next, I am working on a car driving simulation and I want to have traffic in the other lanes, so I need a waypoint system with curves. I found SPLINES and BEZIER curves, but they have a problem [at least what I found] = once the path is finalized, you cant change the object's SPEED. In this case, I can change the speed while it is running which would be great for traffic.

This is FREEWARE script. Click link below to download it.
Follow Path Waypoints Zip file

Creating a First Person Shooter (FPS) 2009

Author: Graham McAllister
Revised by: Jeff Aydelotte & Amir Ebrahimi
Time to complete: 12 - 16 hours total
Last Revision: 10July2009

This tutorial will detail how to make a simple First Person Shooter (FPS). It will introduce fundamental 3D game programming concepts and give tips on how to think like a game programmer.

Click link below to download it.
Unity FPS 2009 Zip file

Lerpz Escapes: Unity 3D Platform Tutorial 2009.
by Jonathan Jennings

Introduction : Unity is a powerful tool for game development, suitable for many game genres, from first­person shooters through to puzzle games.

With its myriad features, including height­mapped terrains, native networking support, complete physics integration and scripting, Unity can be daunting for newcomers, but mastering its many tools is infinitely rewarding. This tutorial will walk you through the process of building a complete 3D platform game level with a third­person perspective view. This includes everything from player controls, collision detection, some advanced scripting, blob shadows, basic AI, adding a game HUD, cut­scenes and audio spot effects.

What you should already know:
This tutorial makes extensive use of scripting so you should be familiar with at least one of the supported scripting languages: JavaScript, C# or Boo. (JavaScript is used for the scripts in this tutorial.)

Here's a 2D Platformer Tutorial with Lerpz : Click here

Here's more info on Lerpz 3D! Click here

Click link below to download it.
Unity Lerpz Escapes 2009 Zip file

Unity Island Demo 2009

The Island Demo was included in the Unity 2.6 version.

You can walk around the Island Demo using the WASD keys on your keyboard. Jump by pressing the Space bar. When you're finished exploring, click on the Play button again to end the demo.

Much of what you see in the Island Demo can be built directly in Unity using the engine's terrain sculpting tools. Unity automatically takes care of the rendering (drawing), collisions, physics, and sound effects. This demo contains special models, like the bridge, which were imported from 3D software packages, including 3D Studio Max, Maya, or Blender. Certain elements, like the birds, have scripts attached to them that teach them how to fly. Scripts are lists of instructions that tell the items in the game world how to behave.

It seems to be back up at Unity LIVE DEMOS... (as of Feb.2015) : Click here

Here's where someone talks about updating the original assets to Unity4 (Jan 2013) : Click here

Here's the original to download that I found! Click here

Unity Bootcamp Demo 2009

Publisher: Unity Technologies
Requires Unity 3.4.0 or higher.

The default demo of Unity from 3.0 to 3.4, Bootcamp is an example of a third person shooter set in a modern day scenario.

Making extensive use of lightmapping and deferred rendering, this demo showcases a collection of features new in Unity 3.

Available FREE on the Unity Assets Store ...(as of Feb.2015) : Click here

Unity Car Tutorial 2009

By Unity Technologies, Free

This in-depth tutorial written by Morten Sommer, with graphics and coding by Unity Studios, will take you through all the necessary steps to create a fun arcade style race car mechanic.

The tutorial project also includes a high-end, physically accurate and realistic car model created by Jonas Echterhoff. Use this if you want to make more simulation-like games.

Available FREE on the Unity Assets Store ...(as of Feb.2015) : Click here

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