March 2016. I spent the last few months modelling Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty's castle, and putting it in Unity for a fun walkthrough experience in 3D. I tried to make it for the web player, but it really needed to be a PC stand-alone build so it would seriously play smoother on my PC. Next, I will place the model for sale somewhere.

December 2015. Well I had 5 levels completed for 'Office Maze', when I copied and renamed one level for the intro. Somehow, an hour later, the floor level 14 was gone! I'll have to be more careful in the future! Took about 6 weeks to design everything from scratch. I'd love to make 10 more levels, but will wait to see if anyone is interested.

November 2015. I still like mazes and want to try new ideas. I decided to make an modern Office Maze. The grey color scheme needs color in the game so I contacted an artist Osnat, and got permission to use her website pics of some commercial abstract paintings of hers.

October 2015. I created a rolling marble game like the old 'Marble Madness'. Took about 3 weeks, to make this 4 level demo game. I'm not going to make 20 level games anymore unless the game gets very enthusiastic reviews. I think I'll mostly submit games to GameJolt from now on. Maybe Kongregate too.

September 2015. My 3D hidden object game is completed. it's a game demo with 10 scenes (3 minutes each) for about 30 minutes of gameplay. Now there are 10 cars, and over 150 smaller items modelled and textured (with UV's). The first place I'll try to put it on is Steam Greenlight. Later I have to trim down the game from 27 megs to under 20 for Kongregate.

August 2015. Working on my newest idea: 3D Hidden Objects. I needed a theme so decided on CARS, and had to find ten different cars to remodel. I have searched for FREE models, but every model i have found has problems: 1) Too much detail. Sometimes the files and poly count is just too high. in that case I remodel or re-topologise it. 2) Too little detail. I have to remodel it and add the details. Many times I have to add a backing panel so the model is not see-through.

July 2015. Went through some free demos and worked on Angry Bots. I updated the API to Unity5, and made a first person shooter so I could walk through the game. Then I did the same to Stealth. By going through the scripts and modifying them, I am still learning little details in programming.

July 2015. Finally finished the StarWars game demo I call 'Space Ace'. I contacted a Disney rep in charge of Starwars licencing, and he did not give me permission to use trademarked images or names, so this game is for my site only as a game DEMO to show clients.

June 2015. The end of the month and after lots of playtesting of the moon game, I have completed it. Now I think I will try to get it hosted on Steam, and maybe make some money off it.